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No matter what issues you face, we are here to get you back to good health and comfortable, pain-free living.

Here at Meliae, our goal is to provide high quality treatments that actually deliver benefits.


Call during business hours: (818) 533 - 8613

​Aromatherapy - $15

Essential oils will be added to your massage oil to allow for proper absorption of their natural antioxidants and vitamins,  while providing a full body experience that leaves you uplifted and smelling great long after your departure. 

​Therapeutic Epsom Salt Scrub
​50 minutes - $50

A unique blend of epsom salt crystals and refreshing natural oils to moisturize your skin for a healthy, rejuvenated glow. Great for reducing inflammation, drawing toxins from the body, improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, helping to eliminate blocked pores, blackheads, and blemishes. Ideal for athletes, or general relief from sore muscles and heat exhaustion.

​Moisturizing Hand & Foot Wrap
​15 minutes - $15

Hands and feet will be gently dry brushed, and anointed with revitalizing Vitamin E creme to soften and smooth skin while repairing cuticles and hang-nail damage, then wrapped in warm, steamed towels to increase circulation and skin absorption.

​Purifying Sugar Scrub
​50 minutes - $50


A sweeter alternative for those with sensitive skin, or prefer something a little less abrasive. Hand crafted mix of brown sugar, spices, organic clover honey, natural oils & pure extracts to exfoliate, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin as you’re saturated in long lasting moisture. Blended with seasonal spices and scents, this is the most gourmet experience.

​Foot Scrub
​15 minutes - $15

Our Tea Tree Foot Scrub will gently buff and moisturize your feet while drawing toxins from the body, improving circulation, and easing sore muscles. The perfect treatment to leave your feet feeling tingly and refreshed long after you've left.

​Birthday Package
​60 minutes - $30

We wish you the very best on your special day!

Receive a 60 minute massage, with your choice of Aromatherapy Treatment and a Therapeutic Salt Foot Scrub!!

​Cooling muscle treatment - $15

For the last 10 minutes of your session, Biofreeze spray will be applied to target areas of the body to aid in muscle relaxation, and decrease pain & inflammation. The product will then be massaged deep into the muscles to help produce maximum effect.

​Steam Treatment - $10

Throughout the session, towels steamed with purified water will be applied to tense areas of the body to aid in muscle detoxification, and increase muscle relaxation.

​Warming Muscle Treatment - $15

Throughout the session Prossage will be massaged into target areas of the body to aid in muscle relaxation by increasing circulation to warm the muscle and loosen soft tissue. 

Chiropractic Consultation & Adjustment
60 minutes - $60


Dr. Greg Movsesyan will perform a comprehensive intake session, and Chiropractic Adjustment based on your healthcare needs.

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