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With our wide array of specialized massages, we have the tools to meet your every need on your way to better health.


Call during business hours: (818) 533 - 8613


​Hot Stone Massage
​60 minutes - $95

This deeply therapeutic experience uses hand picked flat river rocks to release knotted muscles and tension.  As an added benefit, since these stones are slightly rougher than the traditional basalt stones, they add a light exfoliation to your massage leaving you thoroughly relaxed and soft to the touch.

​Intern Massage
​50 minutes - $30

Enjoy a massage to relax and de-stress! Performed by our top-notch interns who are fully trained and approved to perform Swedish and Deep Tissue massage while completing hands-on hours towards their certification.

​Firm Swedish Massage
​60 minutes - $85

Incorporates deeper pressure focused on target problem areas to alleviate deeper pains caused by agressive muscle knots & tension, while retaining the long, flowing strokes of the Swedish style.

​Foot Massage
​30 minutes - $20

Devote some concentrated work to your most faithful friends.  Feet will be massaged with your choice of oil or lotion infused with Peppermint oil to keep them smelling fresh long after you've left.

​Deep Tissue Massage
​60 minutes - $90

Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue by physicaly breaking down adhesions to relieve pain & restore normal movement. Recommended for clients who experience chronic muscle tension.  or have severe scar tissue buildup. Focuses on more specific areas and may cause soreness buring or after massage.

​East to West Massage
​2 hours - $170

Receive a One Hour Thai Massage that utilizes compressions and stretching to loosen tight joints and muscles, followed by a one hour Customized Therapeutic Massage to workout knots and sore spots.  The ultimate package for full body pain relief!


Thai segment is performed fully clothed.

​Chair Massage
​15 minutes - $15

Enjoy a preview chair massage to target the spots that hurt you most! Performed by our top-notch interns and therapists alike!

​Couples Appointment
​60 minutes - $180

This appointment will allow for you and your loved one to come in on the same day, and enjoy your own massage in separate rooms.  The treatment for each individual is 60 minutes.

​Back/Shoulders/Neck Massage
60 minutes - $50

Concentrated focus on the upper bodyincluding Myofascial Releases, minor Trigger Point Work, and nice muscle stretches within your massage. Recommended for the desk-chair athlete and upper-body weight lifters alike.

​Cellulite Massage
​60 minutes - $100

Deep tissue massage focuses on target areas to reduce cellulite by physically breaking down fat deposits and using essentials oils to stimulate your body's natural detoxification process.

​Jet Lag Massage
​60 minutes - $85

Enjoy a massage crafted purely for relaxation.  Using our handcrafted blend of Aloe, Chamomile, Lavender & Peppermint lotion, you will receive a full body massage with focused work on the back, shoulder & neck area that become the most stiff during travel.

​Manual Lymphatic Drainage
​60 minutes - $90

Focusing on the lymphatic system all throughout the body, light & connected strokes will slowly pull the lymphatic fluid out of the muscles, and push it through to the lymphatic centers to clear buildup and increase immune system producivity.  This session does not deal with any muscle manipulation or muscle tension.

​Reiki Massage
​60 minutes - $90

Our therapist's own blend of Massage and Reiki Energy Work seamlessly blended together, providing the best of physical and spiritual relaxation.  Positive energy helps to release blockages within the body, mind & spirit while cleansing any energetic toxins within and around the body and working to create a state of balance, deep relaxation and well being.

​Swedish Massage 
​60 minutes - $80

A classic and deeply relaxing European full-body massage that utilizes long, gentle strokes to relieve stress and muscle tension, increase circulation, and release stored toxins while rebalancing your body. The benefits of this bodywork are wide ranging, including relief from aches & pains, enhanced mental clarity, improved skin appearance & muscle tone, shortened recovery time and greater flexibility.

​Swedish Maternity Massage
​50 minutes - $90

PRENATAL: This massage is perfect for all mothers after their first trimester.  This session is much lighter and focused to increase circulation and reduce swelling and ease the ahces & painsassociated with pregnancy while your body  prepares for a great journey.  


POST-PARTUM: Also perfect as a soothing & rejuvenating treatment after baby has joined the world!  This massage not only gives you nurturing & emotional support to help you gain back your lost energy, but also helps the body return to its condition before pregnancy by stimulating skin repair and balancing the lymphatic and circulatory system.

Specialized Neuromuscular Massage
​Intake period + 60 minutes - $100



Performed by one of our Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapists, this service offers the most comprehensive treatment if you are looking for releif from specific ailments!


Begins with a comprehensive intake period to assess muscle tension/fatigue, joint mobility, chronic injuries/conditions, emotional well-being, lifestyle habits, stressors, and body awareness.

With this information you will receive a 60 minute massage tailored to your specific needs with tips for self-care between sessions.

​Thai Massage
​90 minutes - $95

No oils are used in Thai massage, as this massage utilizes passive stretching techniques, rythmic muscle compressions, joint mobilization and acupressure to increase flexibility, stimulate proper flow of blood and lymphatic fluid through the body and clear energetic blockages.

​Sports Massage
​60 minutes - $95

Sports massage provides focused anatomic work to target and correct your specific issues using various massage techniques including facilitated stretching, myofascial release, and triggerpoint therapy. Sports massage helps to maintain your performance level, reduce recovery time, increase energy, and prevent future injury. 

​Zen Shiatsu Massage
​60 minutes - $85

A Traditional Japanese massage style, this massage impacts the body on an energetic level through the use of pressure points along the body's energetic meridians, stretching, muscle compressions, and rhythmic meditation regulated by synced breathing between the client and therapist.


Your choice of massage table or traditional floor mat.

​Rebalancing Energy Massage
​60 minutes - $90

Using information on your current life state, your therapist will perform a guided energy work session to clear your body of negative energies and aid your body in rebalancing your positive energy and sense of well-being


Your choice of Swedish, Shiatsu, or Swedish Maternity. 

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